The New Way of Selling
Samples & Presets

An alternative to


A-la-carte Shopping Experience

Offer your customers an experience where they can preview all the samples in a pack and only purchase the ones they need 🔈.

Customer Insights

Understand your customer demographic, what they like, and what sells best 📊.

Automated Revenue Splits

Wave goodbye 👋 to invoices and long wait times for payments, and let it all be done for you automatically.

If you have a non-Unisound store but want to use Unisound features:

1. Upload

Sign up and upload your packs, or send us the packs you'd like us to upload for you.

2. Copy Embedding

Open your packs and copy the embedded text.

3. Paste Embedding

Paste in your non-Unisound store to enjoy all our features on your website.

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